In 1982 I took a diploma at the Mengaroni State Art School of Pesaro, in the department of " Design and Furnishing", Since 1989 I have been joining, with firm belief, the AIPI (Italian Association of Interior Designers) of which I Was also a regional representative for Emilia Romagna, in the decade from 1999 to 2000.

A job as interior designer implies creativity, imagination and good taste, but I think as well that in order to develop these natural features it is necessary to have a good knowledge of materials, building techniques and coordinating methods of the workers and expenses. The school of Art gave me a good starting point, but the basic experience of my human and professional training was together with my father in his joiner's workshop where, next to him that used to build furniture, I could deepen my knowledge of various kinds of wood and their characteristics, their techniques of use and the care of their details, absolutely necessary for a good outcome.
I started working as a designer with companies which made furniture for hotels, bars, restaurants, shops etc… always bringing forward the passion I have always had for home interiors.

I have always been fascinated by the synergy between architecture, being the technician’s responsibility, and the taste, passions, memories and technology clients want to add to their homes, and here is why I still keep developing my profession of interior designer being aware that a project must always come into being with an in-depth understanding of  the client’s needs even through the establishment of a, let’s say, ” complicity “relationship…….

On this basis, I find the idea which will gradually take shape and turn it into the desired artwork.

Indeed, I believe that a project turns into a good one only provided that there is mutual trust between the technician and client! On my behalf, I always strive to develop an environment with my own mark and all-round vision thinking of an end product as neutral as possible and trying to fully interpret the expectation of every single client.

A less artistic yet vital aspect for the development of a project is the coordination between workers, control costs, turnarounds and quality check of the work undertaken.
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